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Atopic Eczema Treatment at Auro Skin Clinic

Atopic Eczema Treatment at Auro Skin Clinic

The treatment options available for Atopic Eczema Treatment at Auro Skin Clinic are:

About Atopic Eczema

What is Atopic Eczema?

How can one get Atopic dermatitis? What happens to the skin in Atopic dermatitis?

What are the trigger factors in Atopic dermatitis?

Triggers are those factors that the skin is not comfortable with and cause worsening of Eczema. These include:

  • Extremes of climate-very cold and dry weather and hot, humid climate
  • Sweating is a potent stimulator of itch
  • Strong soaps and shampoos
  • Cloth detergents and fabric softeners
  • Woollens, synthetic fibres, rough and ill-fitting clothes
  • Furry soft toys
  • Exposure to pets
  • House dust

Foods that can cause allergies are common in infant and younger children. But the role of foods in worsening Atopic dermatitis is often dubious. Food causality in individual cases should be closely discussed with the treating dermatologist.

Emotional stress, exposure to contact irritants and allergens, antiseptics in baths can aggravate Atopic dermatitis.

How does the skin appear in Atopic dermatitis?

What should one do if he/she gets Atopic dermatitis?

Are there tests to confirm the diagnosis of Atopic dermatitis?

What are the treatment options for Atopic dermatitis?

Is there a cure for Atopic dermatitis?

Can Atopic dermatitis recur?

What are the tips for the family members to win over Atopic dermatitis?


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