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Psoriasis Treatment at Auro Skin Clinic

Psoriasis Treatment at Auro Skin Clinic

The treatment options available for Psoriasis Treatment at Auro Skin Clinic are:

About Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis?

Is Psoriasis hereditary? Is Psoriasis transmissible to family members or contacts?

  • Psoriasis is a multifactorial disease.
  • It can be inherited, but the mechanisms are complex.
  • It is not necessary that children of affected parents will develop Psoriasis but there is a higher chance of developing Psoriasis compared to children of non-affected parents. If one parent is affected, then the chance of developing Psoriasis in the child is approximately 15% and chances are increased to 40 % if both parents are affected.
  • Psoriasis is not an infectious disease and cannot be transmitted by contact.

What factors can aggravate Psoriasis?

How does Psoriasis manifest? Which areas of the body are affected by Psoriasis?

What should one do if he/she gets Psoriasis?

Are there any tests to confirm Psoriasis?

Which diseases can be associated with Psoriasis?

How can Psoriasis be treated?

Can Psoriasis be cured? Can Psoriasis recur?

Can a person with Psoriasis marry?

What are the lifestyle modifications to be adopted by patients with Psoriasis?


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